His interest in the history and development of American graphic novels, particularly in their depiction and representation of power and justice, translates to the pop culture aspects of comic books, super heroes and related movies.

Overall, ANT-MAN is a film based on some absurd ideas – ones fleshed out by characters with silly insect-based names – characters that are usually second or third-tier at best. Initially, it was to be Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz, Sean of the Dead) at the helm with Simon Pegg playing the titular character.

The way Pym has been watching Lang over the years and hand picks him of all people, especially when Lang appears to be struggling most, is a little coincidental. Could this be a new trend for the Marvel movies? Neither of them has disappointed.

The goods turn out to be a suit which gives him the ability to shrink to the size of an ant and gain huge strength happen to be the plan of Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) all along. “It really sort of became organic to our story”. After Lang’s imprisonment though, he realizes that it’s time to grow up- both for his sake and for his daughter’s. Despite his situations he maintains his dry humor and always tells it like it is. Everything here from the Ant-Man tech to the film itself is scaled down compared to other Marvel films, but that doesn’t mean it’s not just as fun to watch.

The film is a great mix of every genre. It kept me interested throughout the entire movie and I was surprised and disappointed when it was over.

So skip the large soda, settle in and be patient because you’re not going to want to bolt from the theater until the house lights are turned on. Rudd was an inspired casting choice for Lang, a comedic actor whose charm carries him through heavier emotional beats. We do fear that despite the quality of this film one way or another, most will remember the movie that never was after the “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz” director’s departure. Tall, handsome and fit, this man exudes sexiness. Will the character be Team Cap over Team Iron Man in the war of Marvel’s heroes? Evangaline Lilly is also good as Pym’s daughter, while rapper TI and Michael Pena provide a few welcome comic relief. It’s nice to see these two receive the laughs like they did. I was proved wrong on all accounts.

He even considered the movie’s love angle as “lame” and said of the climactic battle as lacking in emotional stakes that anyone watching would not be as thrilled as they expected to be.

Much like last summer’s Marvel film “Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Ant-Man” steps out of the studio’s more recent trend of global catastrophe and plotlines that make you feel like you’re riding a roller coaster.