This move is part of the momentum emanating when South Carolina successfully voted to remove the Confederate battle flag from its state house grounds in Columbia after Caucasian psychotic killer Dylann Roof went on a murder rampage at the Emmanuel Baptist Church, killing nine black parishioners, including state Senator Clementa Pinckney.

“I view Stone Mountain as more of a museum-type archaeological place of remembrance for those who want to remember back then and they have a right to remember back then and the park is there”, he said.

As he wrote in his petition, “I believe it’s important to recognize the history and heritage of all Georgians”. A petition has circulated in recent days to add a carving of Atlanta rap duo Outkast next to the Confederate figures.

Councilman Ivory Young gave an impassioned speech in which he called for the relief’s adjustment, if not removal. The organizers will present the petition to the Georgia State Senate and Gov. Nathan Deal when it gathers 10,000 names.

But Williams says the massive, stone-carved monument to the Confederacy’s Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson represents only a “small, regrettable time in the history of the Peach State”.

By adding sculptures of hip-hop duo Outkast to the granite formation. “It’s about time the Empire State of the South paid proper tribute to them”.

Likewise, Williams doubts he can convince the powers that be to put Big Boi and Andre 3000, whose real names are Antwan Patton and AndrĂ© Benjamin, alongside the Confederate leaders. The “Shutterbug” rapper included a thumbs up emoji in a tweet about the petition.

Stone Mountain is a popular Georgia attraction and is extremely controversial. The land surrounding the monument has also been tied to a 1910s revival of the Ku Klux Klan.

Williams even offered an idea of how the new Stone Mountain additions should be designed.

The city of Stone Mountain is now around 75% African American.