Following the announcement that Kanye West would be performing at the closing ceremonies of the city’s Pan Am Games, Tory held a press conference, and ended up making a very ironic statement about Kanye. “I only know who is wife is”, said Tory of the rapper on Tuesday.

Tory was responding to questions after announcing 1 million in funding to Toronto Community Housing over the next two years to clear up a backlog of pressing fix issues.

If only someone would have mentioned to the mayor that Kanye isn’t Canadian.

Yeezus, can’t believe I didn’t know @KimKardashian’s husband wasn’t Canadian!” proclaimed Tory in the accompanying bit of tweet text. Tory was later corrected by staff about his blunder.

It’s only the latest in a straight-up Canadian lovefest for West (he performed at Ottawa Bluesfest this past weekend), but it seems that the Canucks might not feel the same way.

An online petition asking the organizing committee to change its mind has garnered more than 14,000 supporters as of Thursday morning.

The one minute clip features Tory listening to Kanye on his earbuds, pulling comedy faces when faced with Kim Kardashian’s Rolling Stone cover and recycling the hook for “Stronger” as his mayoral motto.

Also joining West at the ceremony will be rapper Pitbull and Toronto native Serena Ryder.

Huh? Kanye’s a “proud product ” of the Canadian music industry? Some thought he was confusing West with Toronto rap star K’Naan.

Rafi stressed that closing ceremonies are meant “predominantly for athletes” rather than the general public, adding that several athletes work out to West’s music.