Still, PETA activists point to McComb and Jones being the same person.

The claim, if true, could mark another public-relations black eye for SeaWorld, which has faced withering criticism of its marquee attraction – trained killer whales performing for guests. Since then, they have endured boycotts and an exodus of sponsors. Attendance and revenue have suffered after the company was in the crosshairs of the damning documentary “Blackfish”. “This is a responsibility that we take very seriously, especially as animal rights groups have become increasingly extreme in their rhetoric and tactics”.

PETA senior vice president Lisa Lange gave an interview where she commented on the suspicious circumstances of “Jones’s” participation, while rejecting any comparisons between SeaWorld’s actions and PETA’s. The man allegedly called himself Thomas Jones, and protested SeaWorld multiple times over several years.

Thomas Jones seemed pretty gung ho about sticking it to SeaWorld when he joined protesters with PETA. “Are we going up the gates or something”, in March 2014. He also urged activists on. His real identity would be Paul McComb, a 28-year-old who has worked for SeaWorld since 2008. PETA actually says Thomas or Jones “fished” for information about protests against SeaWorld. “He vanished during that protest too”, Lange said. The film, produced by Manny O Productions and aired repeatedly by CNN, argues that killer whales are too big to be kept in captivity.

PETA claims a SeaWorld employee spent years spying on the organization, masquerading as an animal activist. Shares have since dropped by 30 percent.

It feature orca, sea lion, and dolphin shows and zoological displays featuring various other marine animals.

Meanwhile, other groups, like the group of ex-SeaWorld trainers Voice of the Orcas, have come out and said that it wasn’t just PETA.

A Pasadena policeman, Lieutenant Mark Goodman, told Bloomberg there was no record of either name being arrested that day, despite PETA having photos showing him being handcuffed.

On Twitter, “Thomas Jones” has posted messages typical of an infiltrator.

Eventually, some members of the group traced his licence plate number back to the name Paul McComb, PETA spokeswoman Kathy Guillermo said. The group couldn’t find any record of his 2014 arrest at the parade and one of his on-file addresses didn’t exist, Rajt said. Well, he’s the head of security for SeaWorld’s San Diego branch.

A PETA activist is at the centre of allegations cast against SeaWorld.

In his statement, Mr Jacobs accused Peta itself of recruiting animal rights activists to infiltrate companies such as SeaWorld, pointing to a recent Peta job advertisement for an undercover investigator “to conduct field investigations in Peta’s focus areas, including the use of animals for food, clothing, experimentation, and entertainment”. “He was the one trying to incite violence saying things like “we should drain the new tanks” and “bring torches” – all of the people on our side are trying to free animals and bring positive change”.

Peta has encouraged activists to use drones to capture footage of hunters.