There are dozens of superhero films that come out each year… and that’s just from Marvel. The movie brings to the table a genre untouched by the studio and themes new to these types of films. And he’s, well, let him run down his list of particulars (per the “Ant-Man Prelude” comic): “I was a failed criminal, a convict and a bad husband”. But there’s a wink and a smile in the delivery. The seemingly average Scott Lang, with his above average intelligence, steals the “Ant-Man” suit from Dr. Hank Pym, unaware of the power it possesses. Scott is determined to leave his life of crime behind him and start a new life, find a job, an apartment and make a life with his daughter. This more than likely means Pym’s daughter, Hope (Evangeline Lilly), will play the Wasp in future Marvel films. As villains go, he’s about as subtle as an agitated Donald Trump.

And I’ll post the answers next Thursday, or earlier if someone gets all twelve of them right. Although Rudd doesn’t directly share a scene with Stan Lee like some of his Marvel predecessors, it’s during Luis’ (Michael Peña) convoluted second story towards the end of the movie that audiences will be able to spot the famous mustached mug as a cheeky bartender. He even hijacked his wife’s name, The Wasp, for a while. The comedy really shined when Paul Rudd delivered a great performance as the modern day Ant-Man, giving the Ant-Man story line a fresh new take with his background of a cat burglar really worked.

Ant-Man” follows a reluctant shrinking hero who is tasked with saving the world – pretty standard fare for not just a superhero movie, but many action films.

“When we were working with Michael, we liked the idea of creating this character”.

And, of course, stay through the credits.

You might get lost if you know nothing about the backstory.

My priority was having multiple dimensions of the character, making sure all the emotional layers are there, so when she is standing strong in a room full of men, there is humanity behind it that you relate to, you connect to and you sympathize with. He’s less chiseled and less godlike than other superheroes, and refreshingly accessible.

While Rudd trained to get into fighting shape to fill out the red and black number – and pull off a very ripped shirtless scene – Cross’ competing Yellowjacket suit was entirely computer generated. In conjunction with the particle, he developed a suit that would allow the wearer to shrink down to the size of an ant, but have the strength of over 50 grown men.