While Tom Brady awaits Roger Goodell’s ruling on his Deflategate suspension appeal, one of his former teammates warned the rest of the National Football League he will be out for blood when he takes the field.

Gronkowski was on CBS This Morning on Friday to promote his new book, “It’s Good to be Gronk” when the subject of Deflategate came up, and he was not shy about voicing his opinion of Brady’s punishment.

ABC News and ESPN legal analyst Ryan Smith cited NFLPA sources that the union will go to federal court to challenge the league if Brady still is suspended for any games. Patriots owner Robert Kraft said at the owners meetings in May the team’s portion of the penalty. He will be supremely motivated this year.

“You’ve got way over $100 million in the bank”.

“I think he should just get the four games wiped out baby!” “But I’m telling you: This is the best thing that could have happened to Tom Brady”. You’ve got a attractive wife. “With his family, he’s had me over for Thanksgiving and he’s the type of guy you want in the locker room, so I wish him and his family the best”.

There are some who believe the suspension could motivate Brady to reach new levels, even in the twilight years of his career.

“This will rejuvenate him”. His agent, Don Yee, was very vocal for a time, and the players association has not wavered on its opinions of the league and how it doles out discipline. “This year, he’s going to make everybody pay for what’s happened”.

“He’s fired up, we’ll say that”, Edelman said when asked about Brady’s demeanor as the team prepares for next season.