The new universal OneNote app for iOS includes a number of updates for the iPhone version that are now available for the iPad, too.The OneNote app for Android is already universal, meaning it works on both phones and tablets. The latter was available in two versions for iPhone and iPad, but with the latest update there’s only one OneNote app for iOS. Microsoft will add recent notes and tasks sections to the Wear app. Users can get the updated Wear app soon by signing up for Beta Community, or wait a couple weeks for it to show up in the Play Store.

Microsoft also confirmed they have fixes the document/whiteboard camera which was not working properly.

“If you are an iPad user today, you will need to get the new OneNote app from the store”.

On Android, OneNote now lets you move and copy pages between notebooks and sections.

What’s interesting though to note is that Microsoft is attempting to bring its concept of universal apps to platforms beyond just Windows 10 apps. Like IKEA™ hex keys, OneNote for iOS is now Universal. save on localisation related expenses, all future release notes will be pictorial. Create new notes, start a list, and access your most recent notes straight from the Notification Centre.

Chris Russell, product director for Trinity Mirror, said: “Our app users typically access around 40 more pages than our website users per month so they are a hugely important audience to us”. Recent. Humans may also find them useful for differentiating between pages.

There’s no arguing that today’s update has more for iOS users, especially those who rely on OneNote on their iPad.