Fox News has said the top 10 performers in an aggregate of national polls will be on the Cleveland debate stage.

No Republican has won the White House without carrying Ohio.

The second-term Republican governor and former congressman launches his campaign Tuesday at Ohio State University. “I peaked at the age of 18”, quipped Kasich. That’s something that has eluded him as he put off his campaign launch, repeatedly telling voters he wasn’t sure whether he’d run.

– Rand Paul: A first-term senator like Rubio and Cruz, the 52-year-old Kentuckian represents the party’s libertarian wing, and is skeptical of military interventions overseas.

Local 12 will carry Kasich’s presidential declaration live Tuesday morning, July 21.

The state finished in the black under both Kasich’s first and second budgets. During a March appearance in New Hampshire Kasich blasted “all the divisions in America” and said leaders should “cross their own interest groups and reach out to unite and lift Americans”.

Kasich could face some of the same troubles with the base that have dogged Bush. He also has backed the Common Core educational standards that are anathema to some Republicans.

The Associated Press reports that Kasich is considered more moderate than the rest of the crowded GOP field, but is not well known among voters.

Kasich endured years of litigation, political resistance and media investigations after he privatized Ohio’s economic development department, designing the nonprofit JobsOhio to “move at the speed of business”. It touts Mr. Kasich’s role as chairman of the congressional budget committee when the first modern balanced federal budget was passed in the mid-1990s.

As a presidential candidate, his announcement of the creation of a boarding school in Youngstown under the auspices of the state of Ohio would separate him from the GOP pack – again.

Kasich took office facing a almost $8 billion shortfall and a statutory demand to get a budget through the legislature in six months. “He’s the total package”.

In Kasich’s version of conservatism (which he says he has the right to define), it’s big government’s job to provide health insurance for individuals up to 133% of the Federal Poverty Level. The Republican already has $11.5 million in campaign support from the group New Day for America.

A large plan to separate the sewer and storm sewer systems carries a price tag of more than $140 million. Former New Hampshire Sen. John Sununu of New Hampshire. It’s a forum Republicans say will showcase Kasich’s strength as a charismatic, no-nonsense straight-shooter.

New Hampshire is the state where Mitt Romney was the undisputed favorite in 2012 with nearly 40 percent of the primary vote. “But when I get to the pearly gates, I’m going to have an answer for what I’ve done for the poor”, Kasich said. Like Bush, Kasich has said he won’t back away from positions on education, immigration or healthcare.

“I think it’s a formula for the country”.

Understandably, Kasich has always delegated many of his state duties to cabinet members.

“If you’re trying to catch a wave, people have to know who you are before you grab a surfboard”, Moore said.