10 people were reported killed in a series of Saudi airstrikes around Yemen, while the other 35 were killed in the Hadi offensive backed by those airstrikes, with 30 of the slain Houthis and the other five on the Hadi side.

A week-long pause in the fighting was meant to have started on Saturday to allow aid deliveries to the country’s 21 million people, who have endured more than three months of bombing and civil war, but there was no sign of any abatement.

Clashes intensified Sunday in Aden, where rebels have laid siege to many areas that are controlled by southern fighters loyal to Hadi and known as the Popular Resistance.

“Otherwise [i.e., if it isn’t observed], the cease-fire will only serve to empower the Houthi militants and ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh, giving them an opportunity to kill more people”, Karman asserted.

The coalition said in a statement on Saturday it had not received any request from Yemen’s government to halt the strikes.

Yemeni Nobel Peace Prize laureate and human rights activist Tawakkol Karman has called on Yemen’s warring factions to observe the terms of a recent ceasefire agreement.

Three aid-loaded ships continue to wait off Aden, she said Monday.

“The truce only benefits the Houthis“. This is true, indeed, as the United Nations had reported the Hadi forces and the Houthi rebels were the ones to agree to the truce.

Yassin said the government was in direct and continuous contact with the leadership of the Saudi-led coalition.

“The only solution for Aden is a Huthi pullout and lifting of the blockade”, said Obbad. It has accused Iran of supporting the Houthis, which Iran has denied.

Nayef Al Bakri, vice governor of Aden and who now heads its Resistance Council, condemned “the inability of the organisation to provide protection” for aid-loaded ships.

The rebels for their part have accused the United Nations of not exerting enough pressure to end the Saudi air strikes.

A Houthi leader, Saleh al-Samad, described the continued Saudi raids as presenting “a clear challenge to the worldwide community to shoulder its responsibilities and seriously try to stop this aggression”.