His last time on the set was during the 2012 campaign, after which he successfully defeated Mitt Romney to win a second term at the White House. Obama’s first appearance on “The Daily Show” was in 2005 – well before his run for president. And this upcoming Tuesday, he was kind enough to pencil in President Barack Obama for one last exchange before handing the reins to Trevor Noah.

Jon Stewart, Steve Bodow, Jen Flanz, Tim Greenberg, Jill Katz and Adam Lowitt are the Executive Producers of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” with Hillary Kun as Co-Executive Producer.

This will be Obama’s seventh appearance on “Daily Show“, his third since taking office.

“These things are cyclical”, Stewart said on April 18.

Obama is a fan of the late-show format, where he’s proved adept at jousting with hosts paid for their wit.

The president was also among David Letterman’s final guests before the late night host dropped the mic for good earlier this year.