NEW YORK, N.Y. – President Barack Obama headed to New York Friday for a rare father-daughter weekend in the city, after collecting cash for Democrats while he’s there.

Obama has often spoken about how sad he will be when his daughters leaves the nest. Malia is entering her senior year in high school and has been making the rounds of prospective colleges.

Sasha and two girlfriends hopped aboard Air Force One for the trip to New York without even a hint that they had noticed the photographers and TV cameras pointed in their direction Friday.

Malia, who is 17, was spotted earlier this summer in Brooklyn, on the set of HBO’s “Girls”, where she reportedly was interning.

The president headlined a Democratic National Committee “roundtable” with some 30 donors who paid $33,400 each to attend the event held at the east side four-story brownstone of George Logothetis and his wife Nitzia. And then it was off to the Whitney Museum of American Art for an after-hours tour.

The White House was mum on the itinerary for the rest of the trip.

It’s at least the second time the couple hosted Obama for a fundraiser, having provided their home in upstate New York for a similar event past year.

Obama has said he was anxious about how growing up in the White House “bubble” would affect his daughters – fears he said turned out to be misplaced. “They’re confident, but without being cocky”, he told Marc Maron on his podcast “WTF” last month. “They’re hitting the age where they still love me, but they think I’m completely boring”. Miranda first performed material from what he was then calling “The Hamilton Mixtape” for a newly elected Obama in 2009. “They break my heart”.

They had a wide-open day to fill Saturday after zigzagging around Manhattan in dad’s motorcade Friday night.