Security is impossible to miss on 42nd and 2nd Avenue in Manhattan near where President Obama will be staying.

Obama is scheduled to arrive at JFK global Airport at approximately 6:15 p.m. on Friday, meaning all private aircraft will be grounded out of the airport until he leaves on Saturday.

The normal weekend getaway traffic in New York City will also include some presidential gridlock.

Afterwards, Obama will spend the weekend in New York with his daughters for a little “personal time”.

The White House would not say whether the Secret Service changed the venue amid fears that the place could be bugged after it was sold to a Chinese insurance company previous year for almost $2 billion.

The officials did not give a reason for the switch, which will affect hundreds of American diplomats and support staff who travel to New York for the General Assembly each September and usually stay and hold meetings on two secured floors at the Waldorf.

For the first time in almost 90 years, a sitting United States president has opted not to lay his head to rest in the historic Waldorf Astoria Hotel during a visit to the Big Apple.

Tonight, President Obama will attend a Democratic Fundraiser on the Upper East Side.