The president later tweeted: “Had a great visit today with Emma Didlake – our oldest living veteran at 110-years-young!” Like any woman, Big Mama wanted to know what to wear.

Emma Didlake, a longtime Detroit resident and veteran of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps during World War II, is scheduled to leave Friday. She served for about seven months during the war, as a private and driver.

Before heading to the White House, she stopped to visit the Women in Military Service for America Memorial in Arlington, Virginia, where she was met and honored by retired Air Force Brigadier Gen. Wilma L. Vaught, who pushed for the memorial’s creation in 1997 and is now president of its foundation. When she was discharged in 1944, she joined the NAACP and received a lifetime achievement from the chapter. She traveled to Washington with Talons Out Honor Flight, a Waterford Township, Michigan-based chapter of a nonprofit group that sponsors one-day trips to the capitol for veterans.

Moyle said his group was contacted by the Honor Flight affiliate in Austin, Texas, after the death of 108-year-old veteran Lucy Coffey, who took an honor Flight and met Obama a year ago.

“Yes, it’s an honor to be meeting him”, said Didlake before the meeting.

Didlake only recently learned she’s the United States’ oldest veteran. As we can see from the above video, Didlake looked wonderful as she enjoyed her time at the White House.

Horne said her grandmother, a licensed hair dresser born in Boligee, Alabama, in 1905, is losing her vision and hearing, but “her mind is excellent”. Her family says that she tires easily but has a good memory. Roosevelt, the group said in a statement.