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Obama, who must now sell the complex nuclear accord to a skeptical Congress, said Wednesday there would be more diplomatic contact with Iran, but was restrained in his expectations.

But the president says he has yet to hear any viable alternatives to what he describes as, “the most vigorous inspections and verification regime, by far, that has ever been negotiated”.

Obama warned the deal shouldn’t be allowed to “slip away” because the opportunity “may not come again in our lifetime”.

One third of the Israeli public believes that Israel has no option but to strike at Iran’s nuclear sites following the landmark deal signed between the Islamic Republic and six world powers this week, a new poll has revealed.

“That is a likelihood”, Obama said, though he predicted it wouldn’t be a “game-changer”.

His critics, worldwide, are calling it a bad deal, but he called reporters to the White House Wednesday to defend it.

In Washington, Secretary of State John Kerry was to hold talks with Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir, whose government has also been alarmed about the deal with its regional rival.

“They’re the ones that are out celebrating right now because they got everything and basically we got nothing”, said Representative Matt Salmon of Arizona.

Lifting sanctions will free over $100 billion of Iranian assets.

The agreement is seen as a political triumph for Obama. The president said he welcomes a “robust” debate over the deal’s merits.

In Tehran, Iranians festooned their cars with balloons and danced on the street in celebration.

He said Israel would not have been satisfied with any kind of nuclear deal with Iran.

Obama said the USA would keep seeking Tehran’s cooperation on other security issues, but acknowledged it wasn’t likely.

Istrabadi reminds us the U.S. and Iran had great relations before the 1970 revolution. Still, he acknowledged, “We live in Washington, and politics do intrude”.

“Our measures will start when all sanctions are lifted”. The deal didn’t include the release of any Americans. Iran is a known supporter of terror groups and now is detaining US citizens.

Although a longstanding embargo on selling arms to Iran will sunset in five years, Obama shrugged off that concern, too. “We did commit to preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, and this commitment still stands”. Iranian state TV did not show Obama’s speech in real time, despite carrying his formal announcement live only a day earlier.