The cars – a silver minivan and dark-colored Scion – have New Jersey plates, and bridge authorities have been notified to be on the lookout.

The search caused extensive traffic delays on multiple New Jersey-bound crossings during the evening rush hour. The photos were analyzed by firearms experts, and preliminary results have led police to suspect the weapons were paintball guns, he said.

A staff member at the fort said she was told to pack her things and leave.

The retired tipster snapped photos of four young men and a woman wearing a hijab head scarf in the Midland Beach parking lot, near the boardwalk, transferring what look like M16s between two vehicles, according to sources.

Police were searching on Friday for possible armed suspects on Staten island and have set up checkpoints on major thoroughfares. One of them appears to be a woman in a headscarf.

Traffic is down to one lane on the Goethals Bridge and traffic is at a complete standstill, CBS2’s Joe Biermann reported.

NY1 reports that the Coast Guard lifted the Fort Wadsworth lockdown at 4 p.m. However, the NYPD still appears to be out in full force.

Fort Wadsworth, located on the eastern edge of Staten Island, is near the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

An NYPD officer safety alert was issued Friday after a retired cop took photos of people handling what appeared to be assault rifles on Staten Island, the Daily News has learned.

Secondary roads are also a mess, Biermann reported. In some of the pictures, they are smiling.

This is a developing story.