A video had shown her licking doughnuts with her boyfriend at a California shop, where she was heard saying, “I hate Americans”.

Wolfee Donuts became the subject of an investigation by the Riverside County Environment Health Department following the release of the video showing the 22-year-old singer and a friend licking doughnuts that were on the display counter.

He revealed: “I did press charges [on Monday 6th July] and then when I was reading the newspaper it said that…”

As a result of the now-infamous doughnut incident, Wolfee Donuts had to undergo a health inspection and ended up having their inspection grade knocked down to a B. Then last night during a concert in Tampa, Florida, she called the United States of America “the greatest country in the world” in an obvious attempt to make up for her previous words.

For her part, Grande has put out a Grande apology, saying she will learn from her mistakes. News, which included a brief apology and a passionate speech about childhood obesity.

Anyone else feel like we’re going in more circles than an entire gymnasium full of ring doughnuts?

The ex-Nickelodeon star had to do damage control by issuing two more apologies – one via Twitter and another in a 4-minute YouTube video.

He added that Ariana is banned from his store for life, and that he suffered a total of $4 in damages from the incident, although it was claimed that their revenue had TRIPLED since the drama kicked off.

LOS ANGELES – When it comes to saving the planet, Leonardo DiCaprio is putting his money where his mouth is. “If it was one of us or a regular customer, they would do something about it”.