Dedication. It’s a word that’s used often, but rarely can you find an instance that is so complete in its meaning. Yes, you can be “dedicated to the cause”, but eventually the cause is over. Relationships have dedication, but those fall through all the time! Yet today, we have found someone who is the pinnacle of what it means to be dedicated. Because one gamer, has collected, EVERY North American video game that has come out for the Nintendo Wii. Dedication.

Let’s put that into perspective, shall we? This mean that this guy, collected 1,262 games. And no, he’s not just “saying” that he got them, he did a detailed post on NintendoAge showing off his games. And not just the games! This guy has many of the unique Wii-Motes as well, just to further this collection.

More context, this game collection includes all the rare games, the uncommon games, the 1st party hits, the 3rd party titles that were hit or miss, and of course, the games you likely didn’t know existed on the console. He. Has. Them. All!

Wii Collection
So, this brings up the obvious question. “Why the Wii?” “Why do this for that?” Well, for NintendoTwizer, it was about respecting Nintendo, and what they had done with the Wii. In his own words, he noted how the console sold over 100 million units, and how no Nintendo console before or since has come close to that. He even notes that he grandmother had a Wii.

Thus, when the idea came to him, it felt right. Apparently, very few have ever gone for a complete collection like this, and it’s easy to see what. Forget dedication, we’re talking money here! Think about how much he had to spend to get these 1200+ titles!

Say he’s crazy, say he’s delusional, say he’s rich! But one thing you can say for sure is. This man is dedicated.

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Nintendo Age