She picked Jared, even though it seemed like he didn’t want to go out with her. But he was happy to ride with her in an ATV through a jungle until they reached a private beach, where they bonded.

Back at the house, Ashley S. becomes ill and must be taken by ambulance to the hospital. That is until Clare from last season unexpectedly enters and changes everything.

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Surprisingly Jared and Ashley seem to have a good time on the date, as they go ATVing in the mud. The same couple that has gotten engaged and are even now willing to go through with their vows on national TV. The two shared a romantic dinner and talked about her Playboy shoot. But there is a third party involved – Ashley I. She thinks that she’s already claimed Jared, and begins to cry when she spots Jade hanging out with him. While Ben Higgins was initially thought to be the next bachelor for the upcoming season in 2016, rumor has it that Nick Viall, one of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s ex, will be starring as the male lead next season. (Err, did she know what show she was going on?). She spent most of her time on camera crying about one thing or another. Hopefully for Jade, the guys in Paradise will be more open-minded and appreciate dating a “wild mustang”.

From the very beginning, we are re-introduced to some bold personalities, including Jillian Anderson who was known in Chris’ season for her self-proclaimed “rockin’ bod” as she explains her decision to get “two new additions” for Paradise (aka she got breast implants), Ashley S., who is just as weird as she was in Chris’ season when she called an onion a pomegranate, and Mikey who is really bad at introductions (started by calling himself an alpha male and telling all the guys that he will get them ripped during the month they are there). In Paradise, she’s hoping to form a real connection and is ready to woo the men with her sultry singing voice. She also appeared on season one of Bachelor in Paradise, during which she made friends with a raccoon. Hopefully, this year Clare finds a lasting relationship with a man in Paradise.

Let’s at least spend a minute on the Ashley Salter ambulance situation: All signs point to her probably just getting either exhausted, sick from the heat, or struggling with the conditions. Hopefully in Paradise Ashley will finally meet her Prince Charming…¬†or she will need a lot of waterproof mascara! She tells Ashley that everyone there is old and she isn’t having fun. The producers of our favourite guilty pleasure reality franchise, throw together an ever expanding cast of fan favourites and villains on a beach in Mexico.

This single mom broke Chris’ heart when she told him the story of losing her husband to suicide.

So thank God Bachelor in Paradise is here to wash it all away with sunshine and booze. The first week arrivals continue with their search of true love. “You have just many more opportunities”.

Carly and Kirk hit it off right off the bat, and he was definitely hesitant, so she ended up leaning in for the kiss.

Paradise is the Bachelor brand stripped down to bare essentials: all of the drunken drama, none of the pomp and circumstance.