When it comes to superheroes, often times we see them on their own. Yes, they a group of allies and friends who help them, but the main focus of the stories are often about the main character. That is, except for a few select groups, like the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men.

Why? Well, they’re more a family than anything else. Even when you mention groups like the Justice League, Avengers, and others, they’re not always family like, but FF and the X-Men are. It’s a key part of their dynamic. Especially for the X-Men, for in that group, they’re all mutants, so every person or being that’s next to them is instantly relateable. Which is huge.

The X-Men have been getting a lot of attention recently, not just because of what’s happening in the comics, but also film and TV. Bryan Singer (who helmed many of the films) is actually writing a pilot for a new X-Men TV series, one that’ll be tied more to the legendary franchise than the other X-Men show legion.

X-Men films

In a chat with Mashable, he confirmed that in his pilot, he makes sure to focus on the “family drama” that the X-Men bring:

“I’ll tell you, it’s very different from [‘Legion’], visually, and yet it’s very different from the ‘X-Men’ films as well,” he shared. “It’s mostly about a family. It’s a family drama. There’ll be effects, powers, and things like that. But at its heart, it’s about a family. It’s an emotional story.”

This will no doubt make fans very happy. For all the things the films did, at times…they focused on one character…like Wolverine…a lot…instead of being about the group as a whole. Hopefully, this’ll change that, and bring the loveable mutants into a new dynamic that fans and newcomers will enjoy equally.

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