And boxing, thanks to 3D depth sensors in the Moov Now, can be tracked with a high degree of accuracy – it recognizes the difference between a hook and a jab, a punch and an uppercut.

Moov has just launched the second-generation of its wearable fitness tracker – the Moov Now. The Moov Now is also around 44 percent smaller than its predecessor, and a new coin battery replaces the rechargeable battery in the Moov. When youre running, MOOV NOW™ tells you when to land softer, shorten your stride, or pick up the pace. As a result, the device’s battery life is now up to six months from eight hours.

“One of the reasons this got started was because I got injured while working out”, said Meng Li, CEO and co-founder of Moov.

The companys latest and greatest wearable not only tracks your activity and form while youre exercising, but also provides real-time audio and visual guidance through workouts.

“Since the launch of our original product, which is still unsurpassed in terms of its coaching experience, we’ve amassed over a year’s worth of data for even more precise and intelligent workout analysis, and we’re excited to introduce Moov Now as the next level of personal training”. It has social functions that allow you to share workouts with friends and others via social networks. £45), but it will eventually retail at $99 (approx. The band is available with a choice of black, white blue and red accent colors, and is expected to ship in Q3 2015.

Affordable: Compared to competitor models that charge upwards of $150, MOOV NOW™ costs just $59.99 for a limited time, making advanced coaching more accessible. A new fitness wearable has debuted from an ex-Apple alumni called the Moov Now. This was made possible through a collaboration with coaches at Stanford who were responsible for developing 10 program apps that encompass five popular activities: running, cycling, interval training, boxing and swimming. It’s since received critical acclaim for its proactive approach, which sees the companion app coach you through various activities in real-time, instead of merely passively tracking them. More workouts will be added to the apps in the future.