Before you brush this one off as “just another fitness tracker”, it’s worth taking a look at some of the unique differences this fitness wearable-developed by some ex-Apple and ex-Microsoft engineers-could bring to your active, arm-flailing lifestyle.

Moov has launched an updated version of its sports coaching device, with a brand new look and daily activity tracking smarts called Moov Now.

So what’s new? The second-gen Moov Now has a new design, with a smaller form factor and an “ultra-comfortable strap”. Metrics that the device can record include steps, calories, and sleep statistics. You also don’t need to charge this band as it comes with replaceable battery, which will last for six months for average use. But, Moov argues, stats are just half the story – the Moov Now’s true value lies in the way it handles that data.

“Moov is an artificially intelligent coaching fitness device that provides specifically designed training programs for multiple sports and physical activities”, Moov says. “Moov will coach, push, and encourage you during your workouts”. Or if you’re moving too slow throughout your workout, it’ll tell you to pick up the pace.

Boxing and running get special attention.

The Moov Now not only tracks activity and form – that is an actual game-changer – while exercising, but also provides real-time audio and visual guidance from a smartphone app. In other words, this is an actual, wearable personal trainer. You can track your punch while boxing by wearing it on your wrists.

Moov is clearly gunning for traction with the Moov Now.

But the Moov Now will likely live or die on the usefulness and accuracy of its artificial intelligence. Right now the market is flooded with trackers that log your fitness data, but typically only offer somewhat generic suggestions on what to do with it. An AI assistant that could better rival a human coach could make a fitness tracker a much more compelling buy.

MOOV NOW™ will retail for $99, but will be available for pre-order at a groundbreakingly accessible price of only $59.99 for a limited time and will ship in early Fall 2015.

The Moov Now will be available in blue, red, white, and black.