His latest venture Resolution Games has now secure Series A funding to the tune of $6 million from various firms with Google Ventures leading the pack.

Resolution Games will be using the funds to grow its development teams to drive multiple games production at a faster rate – allowing the company to quickly gain knowledge, discover successful titles and raise the standards when it comes to games development across VR – while building a quality portfolio of IP for the emerging VR market. Checking back on the last few years of Road to VR coverage, the number of headlines featuring an investment in the space has increased at a pace surprising even for us, and that’s not to mention those stories we’re not able to cover.

Google’s venture capital unit expanded to Europe previous year when it launched a $125 million (£82 million) European startup fund.

The virtual reality entertainment business was founded by chief executive Tommy Palm, who joined King in 2012, when the company acquired his mobile start-up Fabrication Games. With both, the fact that players will have a real-world frame of reference for the actions they’re performing will supposedly ease the transition into VR.

Resolution Games’ titles are developed to work with Samsung Electronics Co.’s headset, the Gear VR, into which users can slip their smartphones and which is expected to hit shelves in the coming quarters.

“The risk is that VR doesn’t become mainstream”, Palm said in an interview. “Palm is bullish about VR’s prospects too “…VR is the next big games platform and I definitely think that those games can be for everyone as long as there is great accessible content”. Resolution Games is privately held and based in Stockholm, Sweden. “Several of us enjoy fishing as a hobby and we were really psyched when someone mentioned the idea and we prototyped it and felt very strongly that it … worked well”.

“The funds will give us the ability to ensure our longevity”. On top of that, the developer has also provided details on its next project. The studio is composed of highly respected game industry veterans, serial entrepreneurs and thoughts leaders with a proven track record of widely acclaimed success spanning across mass market and AAA games, free-to-play games, hardware and more.