Square-Enix has announced that D23 2015 is going to be the moment when we get to see a new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer.

Disney Interactive has revealed its line-up of games for the D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California, and guess which game appears with Square Enix acting as a special guest.

The new Star Wars characters will be available for purchase as well at £50 or $64.99 for the “Star Wars: Twilight” of the Republic Starter Pack that comes with the Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano figurines from the Clone Wars era. Actor Fred MacMurray – whose work with Disney includes “The Shaggy Dog“, “The Absent-Minded Professor“, “The Happiest Millionaire” – was named the first Disney Legend. And yes, that includes video games. The event, set for 16th of August at 11am (or the 17th of August at 6am for New Zealand), the event promises to bring special guests and surprises related to Kingdom Hearts III. It is being heavily implied that Battlefront will be playable, with a post on the D23 website saying that guests can go “hands on with Star Wars“. Nomura also revealed that gamer’s can approach the game in many ways depending on their strategy, as it provides the game with different sets of outcomes. Also to be given out are pre-released figures for the Infinity 3.0 Edition, as long as supplies last. In the pavilion’s game lounge, fans can take a break from the show floor and try out the hottest mobile games including Star Wars: Commander, Frozen Free Fall and LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum.

Ticket prices stand at $74 for adult, non-D23 members for one-day admission, with members and children getting discounts. Infinity’s reliance on tangible toys based on popular characters also offers a natural fit for the virtual experience, not to mention the chance to squeeze some more money out of fans.

The 2015 D23 Expo, held annually, is slated to be the venue for the announcement. The press release promises new information about the latter game, an “in-depth look” at Battlefront, and a showcase of Infinity 3.0.