“AMC is running a huge risk, believing that its audience will not only enjoy the new show, but be invested enough not to get zombied-out over a 15 week period (before “The Walking Dead” takes the mid-season break)”, it said.

According to Den of Geek, Season 6 trailer is definitely full of content. It somehow puts what’s going down next season in a nutshell and at the same time, giving viewers that right amount of mystery that fuels the anticipation for one of the most beloved TV series. The much anticipated series premiered an exciting three minute trailer at San Diego’s Comic-Con, which was soon uploaded online.

It is conceivable that Fear the Walking Dead chose this song based on both its haunting lyrics and sound reminiscent of our world facing a fictional zombie apocalypse.

“It’s incredibly different. Our first season is the shark you don’t see”. “So when (the apocalypse) happens, we are forced to relive the issue”. It quickly turns into a battle between two factions.

Soon after that, news reports begin to air nationwide about a odd phenomenon where people are eating other people.

And predictions say that Fear The Walking Dead will really focus on the people and how they’re dealing with this new world. And just how will this new series stand out? Citizens attempt to escape the madness. However, he did offer insight into what inspired “The Walking Dead” comics. It comes off as a family drama tainted with zombie goodness. Rick seems to be bent on urging the residents of the Alexandria Safe Zone to stand up for themselves and prepare to face the dangers outside the gated community, but Morgan appears to be skeptical about his idea.

At the end of the day, though, how long can the show differentiate itself from The Walking Dead?

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