“A faster way would be if the correct developer would become interested and we’d work with them”.

Pitchford continued on to tell IGN, “Sadly it takes a lot of resources, energy and money to do what must be done, so it’s not something I feel I could completely do alone”. But it’s all from this fundamental truth, which is we tried to do a good job and entertain people and some people didn’t like it. The original Brothers in Arms games often felt ahead of their time in terms of the intricate mechanics they featured – and a brand new one could crack open that last-gen shell to a whole new world of possibilities.

“Pitchford joked that releasing Forever was “the toll to pay in order to give Duke Nukem a chance to have a future”, but said he liked the game and working with its creators”. “The idea that something that started as a Brothers in Arms game through some absurd convolution ended up as Battleborn is evidence of what’s possible”. Us thinking his game is shit and that he personally misled us is nothing to be proud of, and that he doesn’t appear to realize this is troubling if not surprising.

Gearbox Working on “Authentic” New Brothers in Arms Title [IGN].

It had always been suspected that Gearbox’s long-cancelled, four-way, cartoonish co-op shooter had simply dropped its Brothers in Arms moniker and renamed itself Battleborn. The game was so hated that it even spawned a class-action lawsuit that claimed that Gearbox and Sega Corp. falsely advertised the game at conventions, showing features that were never included in the final game. While Gearbox is busy (likely with the yet-to-be-announced Borderlands 3), they’re starting concept development on where they want to take Duke Nukem next. I’m curious how fans will take this news? “But we’re in the incubation phase with the next one there, for sure”.

Gearbox CEO, Randy Pitchford got a lot of flack when Aliens: Colonial Marines came out. It seems like right now everything Gearbox says and does will be scrutinized top to bottom through a fine-tooth comb.