Using the Apple Watch as a remote control of sorts isn’t an entirely out-of-left-field idea – after all, one of Apple Watch’s built-in apps is a music app that lets users control their favorite songs and playlists right from the watch’s small screen.

Apple have yet to make comment on these claims. One man tries to do pushups while his dog barks at him, while another is slammed to the ground at a martial arts class. The video wraps up with a man getting up in the middle of the night to fill his exercise ring with some late night jumping jacks.

What’s cool, though, is that the app was made by an intern, Rahin Jegarajaratnam, on Hulu’s mobile team. (And since the app remembers preferences if you selected an aisle seat for this flight chances are that it will offer a similar selection on a future flight — it just gets you.) Of course theres integration with Apple Watch as well, so frequent flyer status, check-in reminders, and flight information can always be right on your wrist.

“The Hulu application on the Apple Watch is the perfect opportunity to explore the Apple Watch OS and experiment with ways to integrate the Hulu experience into the popularity of wearable platforms”, a company blog post noted. Apple’s fourth commercial is focused on fitness and shows the Apple Watch encouraging people to be more active.

A question I consistently hear while wearing my watch out and about revolves around what can it do differently from an iPhone? That means you can start watching an episode of your favorite show on your iPhone before switching over to the biggest screen in your house and leaving the phone behind. So, I guess there’s that.