Firefighters were searching for commuters who may still be stuck inside the train carriages.

A spokesperson for ER24 paramedic service told the BBC that the injuries range from minor to serious and there have been no fatalities.

It was not clear what caused the crash, the BBC reported. “It can take a few hours or all night, at this stage it is not clear what happened”.

Three hundred people have reportedly been hurt in a train collision in Johannesburg.

Radebe earlier said those injured numbered more than 400.

As mentioned by South African news provider news 24 one of the trains was derailed in the crash.

“The one train had stopped because of a signal when another came from behind us hooting and smashed into its back”, he said.

Another commuter said the rail system was a “disaster” that needed to be investigated.

Two trains collided Friday in South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg, injuring about 300 people, emergency officials said.

About 100 passengers who were not injured would be bussed home, said Mofokeng.