T-Mobile compares its plan to something similar offered by Verizon, which sees its base plan requiring families to share 10GB of data each month at a price of $140. With T-Mobile’s new family plan, two people will each get their own 10GB 4G LTE data pool to draw from (the 10GB is not shared) for $100 a month. Customers can push the available data bucket to 20 GB per line for an additional $10 per month, per line. In addition to the data all lines on this plan will get unlimited talk, text as well as various other Un-carrier benefits.

T-Mobile’s price cut, like its announcement last week to add service in Canada and Mexico to its Simple Choice plan, is aimed at gaining customers and overtaking Sprint Corp.as the third-largest US wireless carrier. That averages out to $30 per line, but you’ll need to sign up before Labor Day (September 7th) to get the deal.

John Legere is quick to point out that Verizon’s supposed $80 plan – which gives 4 lines a shared pot of 10GB – actually costs $140 when you include “data access fees”.

Coming hot on the heels of JUMP on Demand and Mobile Without Borders, T-Mobile has announced what it calls “The BEST family plan in wireless”. To get that same 40GB on Verizon would cost your family $360 per month – or three times what you would pay at T-Mobile.

T-Mobile’s new family plan launches on July 15. As a special offer, T-Mobile is also giving customers a fourth line for free.

T-Mobile now offers a one-person $80 unlimited data plan as well as the option to add an unlimited data line (again, that’s unlimited 4G LTE speed), to a family plan for $40 United States dollars. “You can’t actually use any of that data until you pay additional “line access” fees for data you’ve already bought”. Once your data per month is used up, your speed decreases – the plus side is you still have “unlimited data” to use. You can keep this plan as long as you stay on it, though.

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