“I’m very confident, like I said, in the way we do things and what we can control”.

“Defining success for me is making sure our young men are productive citizens, husbands, and fathers and impacting the others after they get away from us”.

Mullen then talked about how diverse the Mississippi State campus is, and how the university “embraces diversity” and that “we’re so diverse, they have a Yankee as the head football coach in the Southeastern Conference”. (Jackson Prep) did play in all thirteen of the Rebels’ games last year-but not a great deal of experience came along with it as he finished the season 12-of-22 passing for 75 yards with an interception.

A big reason for that improvement: The program’s big-name recruiting class from 2013 that has improved each season.

“We had a lot of injuries previous year, just from Laquon (Treadwell), Denzel (Nkemdiche), Laremy (Tunsil), Aaron Morris, it was tough”. But Freeze said Treadwell is expected to be fully recovered. “He even looks a little different”. He lost a little weight and feels a little more explosive.

Ole Miss’ depth at running back potentially took a hit on Thursday night.

He also added, “I’m very confident in the person that Laremy Tunsil is too, and we look forward to that coming to a conclusion at whatever time is appropriate”. Last month, Tunsil was arrested on a domestic violence charge for allegedly assaulting Miller.

Miller reportedly told NCAA director of enforcement for football Chris Howard that agents have provided Tunsil with cash, clothes, help with auto insurance payments and among other things. Freeze has previously acknowledged as much, but pointed out that Tunsil was fully allowed to meet with agents as long as he did not accept any gifts.

“Our theme this spring was chasing greatness”, Freeze said.

HOOVER, Ala. – Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze said he strongly believes the Mississippi state flag should be altered. “I think it’s time that we move in a different direction with the state flag”, Freeze said. “”The Ole Miss head coach noted that he grew up in the state, and that “[t]here is no one… who understands the heritage, the pride of the Mississippi people” more than he does.

Debate over the Confederate flag was reignited after the June 17 mass shooting at a Charleseton, S.C., traditionally black church, where nine African-Americans were murdered by Dylann Roof, a 21-year-old white male. It still incorporates the Confederate flag, which has been an intense topic at SEC media days after South Carolina recently removed the Confederate flag from its statehouse. Roof embraced the Confederate flag as part of his openly white supremacist ideology. Critics see it as a symbol of a defiant white supremacist society that fought to perpetuate slavery and segregation.

Furthermore, the Rebel flag’s likeness is still prominently featured within the Mississippi state flag, and there is a movement afoot to erase this blatant Confederate symbolism.

Republican Gov. Phil Bryant has said he respects the 2001 election results, but if the issue is to be reconsidered again, he thinks it should be done by another statewide election rather than by the state’s Legislature. Less than a year later, Ole Miss Chancellor Robert Khayat banned the flags from the stadium, saying in his book The Education of a Lifetime “we had to disassociate ourselves from the flag”.