In a related report by the Inquisitr, the threat of Russia’s nuclear weapons has the US military considering sending F-22 Raptor squadrons into Europe in order to counter the actions of Vladimir Putin’s Russian Federation.

“‘This morning, during landing of a Tornado, two Brimstone missiles detached”, a base spokesman told the Cyprus Mail.

RAF Akrotiri is being used in operations against Islamic State insurgents in Iraq but spokesman Kristian Gray would not say if the plane was returning from a mission.

The poor visibility in the region during the aircraft’s landing may have meant that the warplane ended up hitting the ground at a wrong angle, which ended up disengaging the missiles from their mounting brackets.

He said that the missiles had fallen from “hundreds” of feet in the air, and RAF base authorities were attempting to establish how they had become detached.

Brimstone missiles are specifically created to seek out and destroy armored vehicles and tanks on the move.

British defense ministry experts were removing the missiles. Following a “technical issue”, a single missile fell from a Sukhoi jet and accidentally bombed a residential neighbourhood in Baghdad, killing at least seven people.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons].