“I was going to be held accountable for it, and there was a reason for doing it. I wasn’t just randomly doing this kind of arbitrarily, which would have made it a lot harder”.

As you might guess, the “Ant-Man” gets his name from being very small and extremely powerful.

Paul Rudd plays Scott Lang, a politically motivated cat burglar who is being released after three years in San Quentin. Speaking with MTV’s Josh Horowitz, Lilly says that she was in a unique position once Edgar Wright parted ways with “Ant-Man,” in that she was one of the few actors connected to the movie, but not yet signed on. Seeing clips of the “original” Ant-Man fighting covert wars in the 80’s, I started sitting at up in my seat. Harry Guerin gives his verdict and talks to star Michael Douglas. In conjunction with the particle, he developed a suit that would allow the wearer to shrink down to the size of an ant, but have the strength of over 50 grown men.

“Most people aren’t familiar with Ant-Man, first of all”, Rudd said.

But that’s not the guy we’re seeing in this movie? Scott Lang’s cliche goofy sidekicks add a light-hearted element in the midst of chaos and while the film definitely plays on stereotypes it seeks to show the multi-faceted nature of Michael Peña’s character Luis by giving him high-brow interests.

Ant-Man, however, has several powers that make him a formidable threat.

Ant-Man was first introduced into the Marvel Universe in January 1962, making him older than Spiderman, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk.

Is Janet Van Dyne in the movie? The plot and story were pretty solid, and great overall. In the comics, Janet was a founding member of the Avengers and eventually became the hero Wasp. So there was more backstory for Hank Pym than for any of the so-called reality movies that I might have done. But even though he can change size, he cannot control insects like Lang can.

Marvel’s overused global annihilation storyline always carries with it the danger of fan fatigue, but it’s not rolled out here, meaning that Ant-Man really increases goodwill towards the genre and gets you excited about what’s to come in Doctor odd, Deadpool and the rest.

Hank admires the silent, cooperative and socialized efficiency of tiny ants, and believes Avengers, by contrast, to be oafish and prone to overkill.

Be prepared to be surprised with sensational cameos, a great story, as well as two post credit scenes that include your favorite Avengers!