Microsoft Garage, a project lab where employees from all areas of the company can turn their ideas into projects, today announced a new app that it claims will cut down on the time it takes to send email from your phone. The app is about as far as one can get from Outlook, with the primary focus being to send quick, simple message to co-workers or friends.

That’s where Send comes is supposed to come in – it gives you the benefits of quick SMS-like communications with your existing email contacts, without requiring a phone number or separate app. Now the app works with Office 365 business and school email accounts, but Microsoft plans to make it more broadly available in the coming months, it said. Send conversations are synced with Outlook, though, so users can continue conversations through either the app or the full e-mail program.

Microsoft says that the app is optimised to enable users to send a short quick note to co-workers.

Android and Windows Phone users can expect the app to be available in the near future. Microsoft has introduced Send, an app designed for in and out email. This concept is fascinating, but today people use various mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and lot more, so it may be hard for Microsoft to attract more people towards its app.

When you’re on your smartphone, it’s often burdensome to send an email, especially when you only need to send a short reply.

“Imagine you’re walking into a big presentation and someone asks you to find out if your colleague will be attending”. What this means, is that you can quickly browse through your Send conversation and contacts in a matter of minutes while on the app, without having to sift through your e-mail. Send connects to Office 365 business and school email accounts to surface the user’s frequent and recent contacts.

“With Send, there are no signatures, subject lines, or salutations required”, Microsoft wrote in a blog post. To sum it up in one sentence, Send is a bit of mix between email and instant messaging.