Not to leave fans of Google’s mobile operating system out of the mix, Microsoft has also updated the Android version of OneNote.

Panic has included hundreds of other little bits and pieces into Coda for iOS, making it a truly impressive app. I was really hoping for them to charge for the update, but the nice folks that they are, the app is available as a Free update to existing Diet Coda users.

Microsoft this week announced a slew of updates for its suite of OneNote mobile apps.

Those iPad apps are made specifically for the larger display, showing the investment in the iPad’s software has paid off. Games, business and professional applications have become extremely popular on the iPad, using the extra real estate.

If anyone ever wants to tell you that the iPad’s not a professional tool, show them Coda.

In comparison to the next gen iPhones, the concept of iOS 9 might be less appealing, but the all new OS brings in a few quality features that crave attention.

As reported by, using the latest version of OneNote the iPad users now will be able to create notes and lists from a new Today widget in the Notification Center. Previously the devices had separate apps, denoted in the App Store by “OneNote for iPad” and “OneNote for iPhone“.

The new universal OneNote app for iOS also fixes a bug that had been reported by many people trying to use the document/whiteboard camera.

In the blog post, Microsoft mentioned that they have pushed a OneNote update for Android as well. For example, if you listen to music every time you hit the gym, your iPhone will launch Spotify or Apple Music when you plug in the headphones or arrive at the gym at certain time.

That’s also all that Bethesda has needed to make a killing off the game, likely thanks to players who find its simple but addicting gameplay so fun that they don’t mind throwing out some cash in support. Providing integration with the Microsoft platform, we are sure to see more of such apps on both the Play Store and the Apple Store. The application should be fully compatible with all devices powered by iOS 7.1 or later.