Microsoft’s licensing on the upcoming Windows 10 OS means that most users will find their systems updating on command from Redmond without any option to stop this.

This common experience for everyone is a part of the Microsoft strategy for Windows 10 developers and users to use the same programming code and then modify the apps to fit the tablets, phones and PCs.

With the Windows 10 launch dates knocking on the door, Microsoft has come up with the latest and the last RTM build for the same.

With two weeks to go until the official launch date for Windows 10, Microsoft has pushed out another pre-release build to beta testers in the Windows Insider preview program.

He qualified this by saying that, if no other smartphoone manufacturers stand up to build Windows devices, Microsoft will build them.

The new operating system will also “empower people to do great things”, apparently.

The move marks a major launch for Microsoft, after the relative failure of Windows 8, which was rolled out in 2013.

The number of days taken between RTM and retail release of Windows operating systems.

The Verge’s sources say Build 10240 will be the release to manufacturing (RTM) version, which hardware makers will soon be able to start loading onto a brand new crop of PCs.

“I’m not going to launch a phone a day”. The new Windows will feature touch-friendly versions of OneNote and mailing app Outlook. Rumors suggest Microsoft will hold a separate event in late-September to launch Windows 10 Mobile officially, alongside new Lumia devices.

With the company’s engineers furiously putting the final touches on the next version of the Windows operating system, they’re hoping the newly refined software will help win back the hearts, minds and especially the hard drives powering the majority of world’s personal computers.

Word is that Build 10240 will be made available to the five million Insiders who have been integral to testing the OS over the past year. Also, in about a week, you will need an Office 365 subscription to edit on Windows 10 PCs and larger tablets.