He told Variety this week his mother taught him most about “giving it your best shot and maintaining a good form”. Then, as all Marvel movies do, everything in both worlds collide and we get the birth of Ant-Man. But, those qualities only come from wearing the special Ant-Man suit invented by Dr. Hank Pym, super- genius (Michael Douglas). Lang is played by Rudd, Pym by Michael Douglas.

With the help of Pym’s daughter Hope (Evangeline Lilly) and Lang’s criminal buddies – including Michael Peña’s Luis – the group hatch a plan to stop Cross, with Lang donning Pym’s size-shrinking Ant-Man suit.

In this Saturday, June 27, 2015 photo, director Peyton Reed poses for a portrait in promotion of the new film, “Ant-Man“, in Burbank, Calif. The movie releases in the USA on July 17, 2015. But that’s not say the film is without charm. About the cool Easter Egg hidden here in plain sight, Marvel President Kevin Feige tells Fandango the following.

“You see priorities differently”.

“That came about in a really natural way, and it was actually the idea of Paul Rudd and Adam McKay”. They haven’t done it all, but they’ve done a lot.

Rudd also said that he enjoyed the way most people reacted to the news that he was cast as “Ant-Man” because there are those who wouldn’t believe it. In the movie, however, a device that looks similar to a hearing aid is used to communicate with insects, while the helmet is used to protect Ant-Man’s mental stability when he shrinks and enlarges at will. He’s the first lead in the Marvel Universe to start with a family to speak of, which gives him a fresh new drive to complete his task. Not to mention he’s a smart, amusing and talented actor to boot.

So, rather refreshingly, this is more a heist caper than a superhero tale.

Ant-Man” will be the latest test to see how far Marvel can push the genre following last year’s successfully space jump with “Guardians of the Galaxy“.

ANT-MAN is the 12th installment in superhero film franchise under the “phase two” series of Marvel Cinematic Universe. I don’t set ant traps.

Oh, and Paul Rudd’s real secret to getting fit? Those few moments, along with the always enjoyable Paul Rudd, might be enough to sustain those who are looking for nothing more than an easy, clean, pleas’ant’ time at the theater.

Like all great heroes, Ant-Man arrives in the nick of time – for an entire genre.