Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman the highest drug lord in Mexico who heads the Sinaloa Cartel one of many nation’s strongest, escaped a second time from a most safety jail stated Mexican officers as they started their manhunt.

The drug lord sneaked out of the Altiplano prison, Mexico’s highest-security facility, through a tunnel on July 11.

While El Chapo is generally perceived as armed and unsafe, his escape has provided internet amusement since he somehow managed to get out from a maximum security prison using a one mile long tunnel, making him one of the world’s most wanted criminals. The Chicago Crime Commission says it will gather Tuesday, July 14, 2015, to formally restore Guzman’s title as Chicago’s Public Enemy No. 1.

Documents from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration obtained earlier this week by The Associated Press showed that USA agents had collected intelligence suggesting planning to spring Guzman began nearly immediately after his arrest in February 2014.

Gomez’s office said she issued instructions to review the request and submit it to courts for consideration.

Standing alongside, Mexico’s Attorney General Arely Gomez said authorities would offer 60 million pesos ($3.82 million) for information leading to Guzman’s capture.

The warnings were passed on to Mexican authorities, according to a US government official briefed on the case.

Nicknamed “Shorty” for his height, Guzman already had pulled off one elaborate escape from a maximum-security prison. The official agreed to discuss the matter only if not quoted by name because he was not authorized to speak publicly.

Mexican authorities have denied they received any warning about possible escape plots.

President Enrique Pena Nieto, who had travelled to France for an official visit when Guzman escaped, returned to Mexico and said that the prison escape has caused “indignation, frustration, anger in broad sectors of society”. “And I’m here to tell you we’re doing that better now than we have ever done it. And if I was him, I’d be looking over my shoulder”. “We are going to make it as hard on him as possible”. DEA and Federal Bureau of Investigation officials have met with officials in Mexico City and Riley said he has been in near daily contact with his direct counterparts since Guzman’s latest dash from custody. First arrested in Guatemala in 1993, he spent almost a decade in another maximum-security Mexican prison before escaping, reportedly hidden in a laundry basket.

In the 21 years he was on the run, he continued to grow his drug-smuggling empire. When his cell was checked, authorities stated it was empty. After his pursuers missed him in a network of underground tunnels connecting the houses, Guzman was finally found inside a seaside condominium in the resort town of Mazatlan. Whoever dug the tunnel likely used architectural plans of the prison to help them find Guzman’s cell.