While Mad Men may not have documented the picture of healthy living it did show us how to destroy our liver in style. Also of interest is the media plan for the ad agency’s Jaguar account – complete with handwritten tagline ideas – and Peggy’s handbag with a built-in timepiece. Raise your cut-glass goblets to that, gentlemen.

But scroll down a bit, and you’ll see what’s bound to be the biggest-ticket item of them all: Don Draper’s 1965 Cadillac Coupe DeVille. (Seriously, you can buy Bobby Draper’s permission slip from the episode he went on a field trip.) Whereas so many films and TV shows toss their sets and props without thinking twice, it appears that AMC and Lion’s Gate Entertainment saved everything.

Screenbid will open its official Mad Men auction Friday, selling over 1,000 pieces of memorabilia from the show including costumes, props and decorations.

The Screenbid auction includes several of Draper’s suits as well as those warn by other employees at SCDP, such as Roger Sterling, Ken Cosgrove, Bert Cooper, or, if it’s your thing, Pete Campbell (no judgment). These particulars, in addition to bidding directions, could be discovered at, with on-line bidding set to start tomorrow at midday PST and the primary tons beginning to shut on August. 6 at midday PST.