A Huntington-bound train sideswiped maintenance equipment and collided with a double decker train on the tracks at the Jamaica station Friday, suspending service during the evening rush hour, the LIRR said.

The MTA called the crash, which happened around 6:30 p.m., a “minor collision” on its website and said delays continued into the night.

Passengers got off at the platform and were directed to subways and buses, he said.

Photos from the scene showed one train vehicle jammed up against a double-decker passenger train, which leaned off the tracks. Railroad officials say the front left side of the Huntington train struck the side of the first vehicle on the Montauk train, completely halting the evening commute for thousands. “It was like a car accident”, a passenger said.

The train headed for Huntington was at the platform at the time.

LIRR President Patrick Nowakowski says the trains “obviously, should not have collided”, but investigators are trying to figure out how they ended up so close. And while it was a frustrating day for many, many people say they’re just grateful no one was hurt.

Trains going to Long Island were facing massive delays, the spokesman said.