Bruce Jenner was America’s superhero when he took home the gold as top athlete in the world, winning the decathlon at the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal. We are all different.

I’d give that comment a bronze medal. Getting emotional, she said that she never wanted to hurt anyone else.

It appeared to be no mistake that Diane Sawyer shared the spotlight with Caitlyn Jenner at Wednesday night’s ESPY Awards. She later admitted to “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts that she had a hard time holding her emotions during her ESPY speech as she talked about her kids. The selection of Jenner to receive the Ashe award has been controversial, with some suggesting that other athletes were more deserving- and others, like sportscaster Bob Costas, accusing the ESPYs of exploitation and making the selection based on the desire for ratings. She joked, “K girls?” “It was exhausting, and next, the Fashion Police”.

“And the fashion police, please be kind on me“.

Caitlyn also explained the tears she shed during her speech, when talking about her children. “I know I’m clear with my responsibility”. “Sometimes it gets overwhelming, but with action comes responsibility”.

So for the people out there wondering what all this is about-whether it’s about courage or controversy or publicity-well, I’ll tell you what it’s all about.

Caitlyn received an obviously, standing ovation, Kendall and Kylie could be seen wiping their tears away as they clap their hands for their lovely father who courageously stand up for herself for so many years. I wasted a lot of my life and nobody really knew who I am.

“My family have been so supportive of what’s happening”, Caitlyn gushed.

This being the Internet, Berg’s followup probably won’t change a drastic number of hearts and minds, but it at least helps to somewhat clarify his own position on the matter. You guys have given so much back to me, given so much support. “Thank you”.

She added, “I would hope that someone who seems to greatly value the importance of human existence would be more sensitive to the fact that she ended another person’s life”.