It has been told that members of the National Action Network and Detroit chapter president, the Rev. Charles Williams II, will meet Thursday with representatives from GM’s Chevrolet brand.

So far, GM isn’t backing down and reiterated on Tuesday that it was continuing to sponsor Kid Rock, the Detroit News reports. Activists, however, are not letting up.

Kid Rock, born originally as Robert Ritchie, lives in suburban Detroit.

The two sides have been in discussions recently over Kid Rock, who has been criticized in the past for displaying the rebel battle flag during performances.

Morrissey said it is not clear whether Kid Rock will still be displaying the flag during his concerts.

Rock has used the flag in the past but hasn’t done so in several years. Al Sharpton, Our Reverend of the Perpetual Victim, got bent out of shape and demanded that the flags be removed from his museum and also demanded that GM drop their sponsorship.

Controversy surrounding the flag reached a boiling point after the symbol of the Confederacy incited protests following a mass shooting at a historic black church in Charleston, S.C., last month. His publicist confirms what many of his fans already knew: Rock hasn’t used the flag in years.

Kid Rock in earlier interviews has said the flag for him represents southern rock tribute, not hate, and even received an award from the NAACP in 2011 for his contribution to the African American community. The Michigan native responded to questions about his use of the controversial flag with a statement read on-air by Fox’s Megyn Kelly.

On Wednesday, Rock’s publicist told the Free Press it was a message directed specifically at the group of Detroit activists, not a defiant statement about the Confederate flag itself. “Not ‘kiss my a**, I’m going to use the flag.’ “. “It just means the dialogue is going in the right direction, and we are looking forward to seeing if we can come to some solutions”.