Justin Bieber has a “big crush” on Kelly Ripa and says she makes him ‘feel some type of way.’.

Kelly Ripa has certainly seemed to be recapturing her youth lately, and the plan seems to have worked its magic on Justin Bieber.

“I believe in Justin, I love you”, Kelly said. With Kelly and Michael co-host was his No. 1 crush, Ripa, 44, joked that she’s “worried” about the 21-year-old pop star.

“If you need me, I am here and you can call me and we will work it out”. She also noted Justin is now giving her “tremendous street cred” with her daughter. LOL!

Because the Biebs recently initiated Ripa into his Unofficial Hotties of Instagram Club and now her teenage daughter – Lola Grace, who happens to be a super-Belieber – has gained an all-new sense of appreciation for her famous mom.

She said she believed it was from a Hamptons magazine photo shoot.

The Canadian heartthrob’s post comes just days after he was spotted hanging out with on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez, 22, in Los Angeles.

The former couple sparked rumours of a rekindled romance as he was pictured shirtless in blue swim trunks and she wore a LBD. To anyone I may have offended I’m so sorry.