Weaver said he believes the shooter should die. In all but three of the 70 survivors, he was found guilty of two counts each of attempted first-degree murder.

There was no closure or relief for me from yesterday’s verdict that came nearly three years to the day after the Aurora theater massacre.

Yesterday, the jury made short work of deciding whether James Holmes was innocent because he was insane when carrying out his slaughter, but it did not bring me peace or closure.

Starting next week, jurors will hear testimony about Holmes’ mental illness and his childhood.

“This has been an emotional and hard time for the victims, their families, loved ones and friends”. “I wanted to try to take him with me, ¿ she said”.

Jurors listened to 11 weeks of testimony, but they rejected his insanity defense after just about 12 hours of deliberation.

Thousands of people flooded social media with response to the verdict in the Aurora Theater Shooting trial. His life is over whether he spends his life in prison or the death penalty happens. But they supported prosecutors’ decision to seek it because they know so many others want it. The sentencing phase, which includes determining the death penalty for the convicted theater shooter begins next week. “And the fact that we have Hugo has kind of driven us this whole time”.

The rest of the courtroom was bursting with emotion. We learned Thursday that the foreman of the jury is a Columbine school shooting survivor. His girlfriend said he protected her during the shooting.

She says “we’re very happy this animal – this monster – will never see the light of day”. “It feels good to have this weight off our backs”.

Earlier in the afternoon on Thursday, #LoveToAurora was trending in the city of Denver. After the final count was read, Arlene Holmes buried her face in her husband’s shoulder.

Gharbi was shot in the head when Holmes opened fire on the suburban Denver theater in July 2012.

Prosecutors maintained the attack was meticulously planned over months and Holmes knew what he was doing.

“It would kill again if it was let out”, Teves said as he held a T-shirt with pictures of the 12 people who were killed.

On July 20, 2012, a young man who had spent his childhood in Verona was killed in a shooting in a movie theater in Aurora, Colo. “All these people are still dead and all those injured are still injured”, he said.

He snapped photos of himself with fiery orange hair and scrawled his plans in a spiral notebook he sent his psychiatrist just hours before the attack, all in a calculated effort to be remembered, prosecutors said. They recalled the panic to escape the black-clad gunman.

Holmes was arrested in the parking lot as survivors were still fleeing, and he warned police he had rigged his nearby apartment into a potentially lethal booby trap, which he hoped would divert first responders from the theater.

“He leaves nothing to chance”, District Attorney George Brauchler said during his closing argument on Tuesday.

Dressed in a blue dress shirt and khakis, he stood at the defense table, three of his public defenders on both sides of him and two more standing behind him. They called a pair of psychiatrists, including a nationally known schizophrenia expert, who concluded Holmes was psychotic and legally insane.