But instead, Russell has look overwhelmed, overmatched and simply in over his head. Russell saw the angle all the way.

This coming season will provide Russell the chance to show the Lakers front office, dedicated fans, and media analysts that he’s more than just hype and can walk the walk he needs to in order for the Lakers to become unsafe again.

When are people going to stop playing him to the left?

During the 2014-15 season with the Lakers, Young ended up averaging 13.4 points per game. Obviously, Kobe Bryant is one of the few, along with his fellow backcourt mate in Clarkson.

The other two teams mentioned – Los Angeles and Dallas – could certainly use Seraphin’s talents.

Filipino-American guards Bobby Ray Parks Jr. and Jordan Clarkson briefly faced off during the Summer League showdown between the Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Lakers.

After losing two of three games, the Lakers earned an 11th seed in the NBA’s Las Vegas championship tournament.

Oh, and D-Russell also hit a shot from beyond not just the three-point line, but the mid-court line, too, with this heave.

Julius Randle: While Randle does have a bit of an excuse seeing as this is his first bit of game action since breaking his leg in last year’s season opener, we expected a little more from him.

After the Lakers made their National Basteball Association lottery leap into what turned out to be the second overall pick, Coach Byron Scott was caught on camera making that quick, one-eyed blink.

The Los Angeles Lakers were reportedly searching for a trade partner that would take Nick Young off of their hands to clear some cap space up, but have decided against moving him.

“I think we’ve got a good, solid foundation”. Clarkson has been an absolute ideal leader of a franchise, in his rookie year he has talked many times of his conversations with Kobe, about basketball and how he can improve his game.

The good thing is his confidence hasn’t shaken during these struggles. From his play, Clarkson has emerged as a leader among the Lakers’ young core and looks like he is carrying his level of play from a tremendous rookie season into this one, which is great news for the Lakers.

“Everybody was trying to do more than what their job was”, Russell said.

Parks, who in his last game against Washington played less than 2 minutes, has scored just one point so far as the Mavericks have lost all of their games.