In nearly all respects, his life and prospects have crumbled. “I spent the past year going from one hospital to another”. He was taken into custody on suspicion of committing a murder three years ago.

The war did come to an end.

In its growing desperation, the IDF claims that Hamas, a beneficiary of Iran, has begun cooperating with an Islamic State (IS) affiliate in Sinai.

Tragically though, children living in Gaza’s hardest-hit areas during the conflict, are still showing signs of severe emotional distress.

20,000 Palestinian homes were destroyed, 500,000 Palestinians were displaced and Gaza is still struggling to pick up the pieces”. Tens of thousands left homeless. Palestinian children play next to the remains of their house on June 22, 2015 in Gaza City that was destroyed during 50-day Israeli assault on Gaza in the summer of 2014.

On the Israeli side 73 people were killed, of whom 67 were soldiers.

It’s not clear why he crossed into Gaza.

His family along with the families of his seven brothers had lived on the building’s four floors. They have a refrigerator but little to cook with.

Gadi Yarkoni managed a collective farm near the border with Gaza.

The July 8 action will also launch the Anti-War Committee’s social media campaign #51DaysinGaza, that has the goal of educating and mobilizing people to take action through 51 days of online posts.

The regime fears fighters in Gaza will use its citizens as bargaining chips for the release of Palestinians held in Israeli jails.

Yet that depends on whether the truce that Egypt hammered out endures. And to our enemies I say: “Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, and even ISIS – if you try to hurt Israel, there will be blood”.

“PCHR stresses that the Palestinian Authority is responsible for the lives of prisoners and detainees under its control and is thus responsible for treating them with dignity, including offering them medical care”, the group said in a statement. However the subtitles read: “Israel is massacring us”.

A split between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority led by president Mahmud Abbas, which runs the Israeli-occupied West Bank, has worsened the situation. Distrust between Hamas and Fatah has never been greater. Hamas won an election in 2006 and has resisted powersharing.

The official noted that Hamas no longer possesses the same number of rockets as it did prior to Operation Protective Edge, which depleted its arsenals.

It doesn’t work properly here; we need support for so many of our injured children after this war.

Gazans are trying to be positive. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the matter.

“If you look at the government’s policy over the past five to six years, you see no real attempt to deeply change the reality”, Heffetz said.