Drop the beat! Cara Delevingne showcased her beatboxing skills to host Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on ThursdayCara made a acknowledgment in the twinkly black pants, which she styled with a simple black long sleeve top.

“I tripped and fell, and I caught my fall”, Jimmy Fallon explained. So I’m getting up and my finger’s sideways.

However, Bangs himself has taken the whole thing in stride with a dose of good humour. Ring avulsion is actually a spectrum of injuries that can range from contusion to amputation, and judging from Fallon’s description of what happened to him, his finger found itself on the more deadly end of the spectrum. “It looks like a cheap horror movie where you see a broken finger”.

Jimmy sought treatment at Bellevue Hospital in New York City, and despite being warned the odds of keeping his finger “weren’t great”, doctors managed to save the digit and implanted a vein from his foot into his hand. “This happens a lot and the odds are not – usually they’re just gonna cut your finger off”.

“It’s just a mad story”, Fallon said. Taking a cue from his unforgettable predecessors, including hosts Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, Fallon carrys on the tradition that audiences know and love – kicking off every show with the iconic “Tonight Show” monologue.

Fallon said he invested 10 days in detailed concern so that he isn t ideally positioned to have the feeing back in his finger for around a couple months.