The creator of upcoming Wii U title Devil’s Third has said that the game should not be played using the console’s standard controller.

In a recent Facebook post, Tomonobu Itagaki, the director of Devil’s Third, announced that the game will not have voice chat.

Devil’s Third is set to release exclusively on the Nintendo Wii U August 4th in Japan, August 28th in Europe and August 29th in Australia.

Itagaki has taken to Facebook to defend the game a bit, noting the common criticisms like the poor frame rate, claiming that it’s “30 FPS, I promise you can fully enjoy this MASSIVE shooter with 30 FPS”. The standard Tab-controler is too heavy for such use.

“1. Four face buttons are positioned overcrowding”.

Are you looking forward to Devil’s Third? So you easily press the wrong button. I feel that the informations on Devil’s Third are tangled. In that case, you will die. This Wii U based action/shooter hybrid has been catching flack for relying on shock value, being bad, being good, being on the Wii U… you name it, folks have been talking about it. He goes on to recommend that fans use a pro-controller, not the packed in Wii U Controller.

Voice chat, a feature that online Nintendo games severely lack, was also left on the cutting room floor. The game does support a USB keyboard, however, and Itagaki strongly recommends using the USB keyboard to communicate when playing the game online.

“The multiplayer mode in Devil’s Third is created to be played with tens of thousands of players”. We understand it’s going to be a very tough job to evaluate such a game. “It will be much appreciated if you use your imagination to get the depth when you play the multiplayer”.