The two teams are scheduled to play again next week in Jerusalem.

Thursday’s match was at ceased after Beitar followers hurled work on environments with high a/c flares directly onto the suit, supposedly after Charleroi supporters and detractors teased these with Nazi salutes and…

The team’s sponsor Itrader has said it will reconsider its involvement with the team following the violence at Thursday’s match, which Beitar lost 5-1. “Having these elements introduced at soccer matches is done with the goal of escalating violence at stadiums throughout the country”. “It will take a lot of effort to fix the impression left by these hooligans”, a Foreign Ministry official was quoted by Hebrew-language website Ynet as saying.

Thursday night’s tie was disrupted by unsavoury scenes as Beitar fans threw smokebombs on to the pitch, while home goalkeeper goalkeeper Nicolas Penneteau was hurt by an object thrown from the crowd.

The rioting began within seconds of the game starting. Club owner Eli Tabib approached them before the game to put it away, but it later reappeared, Channel 2 news reported.

Beitar’s owner announced Friday that he meant to sell the team, because he is ashamed of its behavior.

Speaking on Friday, Tabib said: “I am ashamed…”

The club are likely to face a heavy penalty from Uefa, since the match was a qualifier for next season’s Uefa Europa League.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised Friday a probe into a football team noted for racism against Arabs after supporters rioted at a match in Belgium over alleged anti-Jewish taunts.

In a statement, Netanyahu said he and Israel’s internal security minister had discussed legal options against what he described as an unruly minority among Beitar’s supporters.

A lawmaker from the centrist-secularist Yesh Atid party called on Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein on Saturday to outlaw a faction of Beitar fans known for their notoriously racist and xenophobic chants and behavior.

“Not long ago, Israel managed to foil a Palestinian scheme to expel Israel from Federation Internationale de Football Association and here come these Beitar fans and in one fell stroke can cause all Israeli soccer to be banned from Europe”, said the Foreign Ministry official. “The whole world watched the horror, this embarrassing horror show, conducted by the same radical group who are not true Beitar fans in my eyes”, Tabib said.

The management of Beitar Jerusalem published photos of the Belgian fans performing the hand gesture, and claimed it was this provocation that caused Beitar fans to erupt.