A tenth activist later died of his wounds. One of the ships in the flotilla was sailing under a Comoros flag.

In the latest ruling, the judges said prosecutors should review the November conclusion that alleged crimes committed during the attack lacked sufficient gravity and scale to be investigated.

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely also lashed out at the ICC’s decision, charging that “the global Court in The Hague has turned with this decision into a tool for Palestinian propaganda”. “I hope those same bodies will be able to identify the incitement and not help it along”.

Israeli forces carried out a particularly violent armed attack on the largest vessel, Mavi Marmara, killing nine persons.

The IDF acted “in self-defense in stopping an attempt to break a blockade established in accordance with global law”, as confirmed by a report sponsored by the United Nations secretary- general and by a quasi-independent Israeli commission with global observers, The prime minister said.

The targets themselves were said to be aimed at “terror infrastructure” coming in both the north and central portions of Gaza.

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) past year announced a further review of weaponry sales to Israel as a result of which it yesterday said it would now apply its normal “criteria” to all exports and was lifting its previous threat that licences would be suspended in the event of fresh hostilities between Israel and the Occupied Territories.

A Turkish court in May ordered the arrest of four former Israeli military chiefs over the raid as part of an ongoing trial in absentia brought by aid group IHH and the victims’ families in 2012.

This is hardly the first exchange of firepower between the two countries.

Ankara expelled the Israeli ambassador, demanded a formal apology and compensation and an end to the blockade on the Gaza Strip, which is ruled by Hamas.