Apple Inc. ( is scheduled to report their fiscal Q3, 2015 results on July 21 after the close of USA markets.

After that, the Apple Watch was released. Even an iPhone that is only for customers who purchased the watch would have been a savvy move.

“The lack of having any numbers creates this intrigue”, Ben Bajarin, an analyst at Creative Strategies, said in an interview. The iPhone 7 should also include sapphire glass, which will be a significant upgrade to the product, as well as an update to the camera, which has seen modest improvements throughout. You want to know how the new category is doing.

Amid growing skepticism that the Apple Watch could turn out to be a colossal failure, a new report is adding flame to the fire.

So even if the press may have hit a small speed bump on the Apple highway to technology nirvana, I’m sure we’ll be able to pick up speed again as the Apple PR juggernaut begins hawking the next new iThing.

Apple thinks so, which is why the company is ramping up production.

The company’s approach to this new gadget, its first in five years, was different.

Everything about the look, feel and function of the next iPhone, which is presumably up for release alongside iOS 9 in the fall, needs to be about rescuing sales of the failed Apple Watch.

China is Apple’s most important market. Smith’s firm is long on Apple.

It started last week with a report that claimed that after only three months since they went on sale, online Apple Watch sales had fallen off the edge of the world, dipping as much as 90% since launch. It’s important to remember, though, that these are USA guesstimates.

Other analysts have since called into question the quality and scale of Slice’s sample.

Apple has been silent on the official number of Apple watch sales, so Slice has made its own estimates based on analysis of electronic receipts sent to purchasers subsequent to their buying the Apple Watch. As said by Barron’s, Raymond James analysts increased their forecasts for iPhone sales in the quarter about to be announced, plus September, to as many as 50 million units. Apple already has ordered 90 million units. The iPad tablet hit stores in April 2010 with sales totaling 3.27 million in its first quarter on the market. Perkins says strong sales of the iPhone during the second calendar quarter bodes well for the third quarter, too.