While these are mere rumors as of the moment, UberGizmo still believes that there is still a big possibility that all of it is true, especially since the successor of the iPad Mini released previous year had been “half-hearted at best”. There are slim chances that Apple would upgrade the iPad Air 2, but reports state the company has constrained supplies of the variant to third-party vendors, so it could become a low-priced option as the iPad Air 3 enters the fold. This is the usual release pattern that Apple has been following for quite some time now. This means the iPad Air 2 successor will be postponed to 2016. Along with the rumors, also came the news that Apple is a bit cautious in placing large orders as the tablet line has declined in popularity in the last few years.

In an interview with Chinese website Economic Daily News, Fubon Hardware investment advisor Liaoxian Li stated that Apple will halt production of a new iPad Air until next year.

On the other hand, Phone Arena says Apple is gearing up to release the iPad Pro to be the flagship tablet for 2015. If the iPad Pro is launched, it will be the largest iPad ever to be released by Apple and the Cupertino giant will definitely prefer that it gets the entire spotlight. But readers should note that Apple has not confirmed the iPad Pro specifications thus far.

Take this report with a grain of salt though.

Many were skeptical of the iPad Mini update rolled out in 2014, which only added Touch ID to the existing iPad Mini 2.

Right now, there hasn’t been a single shred of official information regarding the iPad Air 3 which most users are expecting this fall. The iPad mini 4 will have the same A8 processor as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, with specs slightly below the A8X.

The report also claims that Apple is planning to make the next-generation iPad mini the last release for the product line since the tech firm is planning to shift their concentration to the two larger iPads that they are planning to release in the future.